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Coober Pedy Eco Green

Businesses That Contribute to Eco Green in the Town of Coober Pedy, South Australia

Coober Pedy is a town located in South Australia known for its opal mining activities and unique underground lifestyle. Despite its remote location, the town has a growing interest in ecological sustainability and has a number of businesses that contribute to eco green efforts.

In this article, we will categorise, list and describe the benefits of each organisation and include contact details for those who wish to learn more.

1. Desert Cave Hotel

The Desert Cave Hotel is a unique hotel in Coober Pedy that is built entirely underground. The hotel uses natural geothermal energy to heat and cool the rooms, reducing the need for electricity. The hotel also has a water treatment plant that recycles greywater for use in the gardens.

Benefits: The Desert Cave Hotel reduces its carbon footprint by using renewable energy sources and conserves water through greywater recycling.

Contact Details: Phone: (08) 8672 5688; Email: stay@desertcave.com.au

2. Opalios

Opalios is a family-owned business that produces opal jewellery and souvenirs. The business uses recycled metals and works with local opal suppliers to reduce its carbon footprint. Opalios also supports local Coober Pedy community projects.

Benefits: Opalios reduces waste by using recycled metals and supports the local Coober Pedy community.

Contact Details: Phone: (08) 8672 5288; Email: opalios@bigpond.com.au

3. BP Solar

BP Solar is a company that provides solar panel solutions for both residential and commercial buildings. The company also has a range of solar water pumping solutions for agriculture and mining activities.

Benefits: BP Solar reduces reliance on non-renewable energy sources and helps to reduce carbon emissions.

Contact Details: Phone: 13 16 86

4. Coober Pedy Regional Times

The Coober Pedy Regional Times is the local newspaper for the town of Coober Pedy. The newspaper reports on local environmental initiatives and promotes eco-friendly events and businesses.

Benefits: The Coober Pedy Regional Times supports and promotes local eco-friendly initiatives and businesses.

Contact Details: Phone: (08) 8672 5222; Email: office@cooberpedytimes.com

5. Coober Pedy Opal Fields Golf Club

The Coober Pedy Opal Fields Golf Club is an 18-hole golf course in Coober Pedy that uses recycled water for irrigation. The club also has a solar panel system that provides electricity for the clubhouse.

Benefits: The Coober Pedy Opal Fields Golf Club reduces water waste through the use of recycled water and uses renewable energy sources for electricity.

Contact Details: Phone: (08) 8672 5037; Email: cooberpedygolfclub@bigpond.com

6. Outback Eco Adventures

Outback Eco Adventures is a tour company in Coober Pedy that offers eco-friendly tours of the local area. The company uses eco-friendly vehicles and supports local environmental conservation projects.

Benefits: Outback Eco Adventures promotes eco-friendly tourism and supports local environmental conservation.

Contact Details: Phone: 0427 475 005; Email: info@outbackecoadventures.com.au

7. Coober Pedy Opal Festival

The Coober Pedy Opal Festival is an annual event that celebrates the town's opal mining heritage. The festival has a strong focus on environmental sustainability and promotes eco-friendly initiatives and products.

Benefits: The Coober Pedy Opal Festival promotes eco-friendly initiatives and products to the local community and visitors.

Contact Details: Phone: (08) 8672 4618; Email: general@opal-festival.com


Coober Pedy may be a remote town, but it has a growing interest in ecological sustainability. The businesses listed in this article actively contribute to eco green efforts in the town and promote eco-friendly initiatives and products. Their efforts help to reduce the town's carbon footprint and conserve natural resources.

If you're interested in learning more about eco-friendly businesses and initiatives in Coober Pedy, reach out to the businesses listed in this article for more information.

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